Happy Valentines Day, From Me

Did you know that there is a 100% chance that someone you know will be engaged by the end of Valentines Day? Lets face it, unless you’re the one being surprised with a dozen red roses at work or being taken out to be wined dined on.. then Valentines Day is a slap in your single face. 

Once you’re done avoiding and ignoring all red, heart shaped objects in the office throughout the day – You are en route home, to treat me myself and I. And with that, we’re here with exactly how to prepare to make V Day your biatch…

The selection of movie/s is obviously the most important part of this whole elaborate plan – you don’t want anything that will push you in a black hole of Valentines Day depression, yet you still want that sense of romance in your life. Don’t get me wrong, if you want nothing more than to binge watch horror films – you do you, girl. 

The whole point of Valentines Day is to treat the one that matters most, right? Single or not, you’re entitled to take the TREATing to the extreme. 

Feeling good about being alone on Valentine day is what we’re trying to achieve here.. so naturally you will need a ‘pamper hamper’ on stand by. The basic version of a pamper hamper includes your finest choice of a face mask, exfoliation scrub, hair treatment, you know – all the good stuff. Although, because this is technically considered your V Day gift, to yourself..whatever your heart desires, you get it. A new nail polish? Done. New over priced silky pyjamas? Sure! A new fancy eye mask? Why not. 

And there you have it, our guide for not only how to survive Valentine day, but maybe (just maybe) how to get excited for it.