Me, Myself And I

You know that feeling you get, when you see a taxi turn onto the international departure lane at the airport and think to yourself “God I wish that was me”. Well this time, that was me. One nervous solo traveller getting dropped off by my best friend, heading straight for London.


After not much thought and a very spontaneous decision, I went straight to the travel agent and locked myself in for 6 weeks to run an absolute muck with me, myself and I. With no idea what to expect, it was the best decision of my life.


From sipping 2 for 1 frozen vodka sunrises on the beach of Mykonos to sliding my way through the Swiss Alps thinking RM Williams were a good idea to wear to the snow, I was lucky enough to experience 16 countries of beautiful Europe.


Ticking (and partying) my way through my bucket list I found myself become that ‘strong independent woman’ that we all try make ourselves out to be. No man, no job, not a worry in mind, just what country I was off to next or remembering to call mum to remind her that I’m still alive. I was completely lost and in love with every city I visited, doing whatever i wanted, whenever I wanted, with no explanation. What happens in Paris stays in Paris, right?


Experiencing this incredible adventure on my own gave me the opportunity to tune into buried emotions and desires, turning all my fears into confidence and ignorance into knowledge.

I thought I couldn’t, but I damn well did.