Our Insta IT GIRLS

The time has come where you’ve officially hit that ‘I don’t know what to wear’ pinnacle, because all of a sudden it’s 30 degrees out and you’ve lost any fashion sense in the mist of cycling through the very few Winter outfits that only ever consisted of knits, jeans and boots. But now, you have to step up your fashion game and actually give a damn because it’s no longer ‘It’s too cold to care’ weather.

I am quite confident that Pinterest was invented for the twenty-something, uninspired women out there who are on a budget and have not the faintest clue how to achieve that effortless, model off-duty look that seems to come so naturally to everyone else but you… Like seriously HOW can some of these girls take a basic AF outfit & turn it into a current trend we will never know. Along with Instagram too being the perfect universe for fashion inspiration, there’s endless ‘it girls’ floating around in the cyber space that can help a sister out with some serious fashion dilemmas. So with that, here are my picks from a few selected favourite insta icons who have the simple ‘know how’ when it comes to all things fashion inspired.

The ultiamte cool girl. @the_salty_blonde and her easy to love style is everything we need in our life asap. For our inner beachside lover or casual babe that we like to channel from time to time, this girl is the ultimate go to for when your feeling desperate for fashion/style help.

Okay, so this GODDESS @negin_mirsalehi is actually what dreams are made of. The perfect combination of boho meets luxe, she gives a new meaning to style icon. From weekend vibes to a special occasion, this beauty is constantly releasing amazing inspiration.

Lastly, but most definitely one of the best @matildadjerf..This b-a-b-e keeps it simple to always achieve an outfit that we need in our wardrobe stat. Always keeping it neutral and comfortable, she is without a doubt one to keep on the shortlist for outfit ideas. 


All images sourced from Pinterest and associated instagram accounts as mentioned