How To: Decorate With The BF



Living with the BF aka the boyfriend can be a challenge in itself sometimes, but when it comes to decorating the home…well that’s where we are sure the term compromise became invented. There is nothing easy about agreeing on a couch, colour scheme or even a scented candle when it’s time to give the pad a make over. Yet the most annoying part is that you actually need his opinion or input because if not, the home may turn out to be a little more on the feminine side…and that’s a belated argument just waiting to happen.

So to avoid all crisis, here are a few tips and tricks with how to achieve that look you want without going to war or living with a surf poster hanging in the living room…



What’s worse than getting sick of that expensive green couch you once twisted his arm so tight for?… absolutely nothing! First and foremost, stick to neutrals or urban tones all throughout the home so when you buy a green cuishon and hate it 2 weeks later, it just might not be the end of the world.




Purifying your air is a great advantage, but my god they look good.. and there is no such thing as having too many plants. Mix it up by putting each plant in different cane baskets. Don’t be fooled by how pretty it is, always be sure you’re buying inside plants… I’ve learnt that the hard way.


Soften up the place with endless pillows & throws. Ladies, he cannot take this away from you..this is your time to shine.

A rug brings it all together.. Wether you’re a cow hyde fan or persian lover, depending on your taste and feel you’re wanting to achieve, a rug is a must have for all homes.

If you follow the neutral/urban rule when it comes to choosing furniture you can ditch ikea, kmart and freedom and head straight to your closest op shop. By voting preloved, you will add that quirkiness immediately.. and most importantly, no one else can get it.

Choosing art with the man is quite literally an art, there is a certain skill required to agree on the centrepiece of your lounge or bedroom. I can vouch that Andy Warhol is a suitable option for compromise. 

If you and the BF agree to follow these easy guidelines, you’ll not only create your dream home together but you’ll actually enjoy doing it xx7df406777a77d6bf6880b02765771d9a.jpg

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