A night out with Mishkah…

We here at Mishah HQ need no special occasion to get together for a espresso martini and to dance the night away…however when you’re celebrating turning 24 then it calls for an extra cocktail (or 3).  So in true Mishkah style we headed to our fav spot Alfred and Constance for tapas and cocktails before moonwalking our way to the dance floor.

As you get older (can I be peter pan please?) the traditional excitement of a birthday fades a little but what I have noticed is that birthdays to me mean so much more as an “adult”….now they are a night where I get to look around a table filled with my nearest and dearest and say to myself I am so f#%&ing lucky to have you all in my life.

It wouldn’t be a true gals night out without a few insta stories and pics so here are a few (appropriate) snaps from our night out!






Much love,

Kiara xx