Every Reason To Picnic


April has eventuated into being the month of public holidays and many excuses to get the girls together to do lots of brunching and wine & dining… of course we’re not complaining. With the excitement of having all this upcoming holiday time there unfortunately comes that dreaded surcharge that’s about to accompany every holiday meal. So, it’s time to take matters into your own hands by hosting an extravagant picnic!

Naturally, when it comes to hosting any sort of event there is that unwanted added pressure of impressing your guests with your chosen meal as well as the overall presentation of the event. So, to eliminate all stress.. here is how you can create a picnic to remember and how you’ll become the picnic queen without overdoing it!

2e3ce48663b32841372f843682ef74b9WHERE: Ultimately and of course weather permitting, any seating area (lounge room included) can accomodate your picnic plans. However if it’s looking like all sunshine, then a backyard can so easily be transformed into a picnic oasis with the help of many overlapping blankets & cushions. Wooden crates make for perfect picnic tables too!93e3ec51c43e179a112459ca9d1bc559

WHEN:  If you’re thinking of hosting a BYO afternoon picnic (let’s be honest, they’re the best kind) then draping fairy lights around your set up & lighting candles will help transition your afternoon picnic into the perfect wining atmosphere.

MENU: The larger the group, the harder it can be to cook for.. which is why you can ask everyone to bring a plate to share! Here are a few of my picnic favourites that are cheap & most importantly YUM.
P.S Because you’ll have a microwave or oven close by, there’s no restrictions on hot food..winning!6d1adb0ea7e9b9e2dc72490d188a8a93
Share plate ideas
-Cob loaf 
-Wombok salad 
-Vegetarian sausage rolls

Cheeseboard ideas
-Brie & Camembert with a fruit chutney

-Mersey Valley cheese & gherkins – hey, don’t knock it until you try it
-An assortment of seasonal fruits
-An assortment of picnic meats like salami, cabana or pruchitto 
-Dips & crackers are a must

Dessert ideas
-Cobs Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet popcorn is always a crowd pleaser

-Bliss balls
-Chocolate brownies
-Lets be honest, any dessert you cater will get devoured in a matter of minutes

Drink ideas – Depending on the sobriety of your picnic will determine your drinks menu
-Lemon & cucumber infused water – the perfect & healthier alternative to soft drink

-Sangria – If your putting on drinks, an alcoholic sangria is the way to go! You can of course ditch the alcohol for another option to soft drink!


-The messier the cheeseboards, the better the Instagram photo.. right?
-Avoid any sort of headache and mess by opting for napkins, plastic plates & cups
-There is never such thing as ‘too much food’ when it comes to a picnic spread, so always go overboard!

Photo credits: Spell Byron Bay & Tumblr 
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