Beauty On A Budget

When it comes to currently trending beauty products  I am definitely not the go-to girl with the latest update. You most likely will never catch me watching a beauty ‘how to’ vlog… but you can always count on seeing me in the Kmart cosmetic aisle taking full advantage of their under rated products & cheap price tags.

For the likeminded girls who fear the day of being addicted to expensive cosmetics, or just simply have a ‘cant be bothered’ approach to the whole beauty thing but still want that ‘natural glow’.. Here are the best products that won’t break the bank & you’ll thank yourself for buying!



Coles Natural Shampoo & Conditioner
 – $2.50

For the days when you just cannot be bothered but want that soft amazing hair

Fudge Shampoo & Conditioner – $21.95 each from Priceattack
To give you that ‘I just got out of the hair dressers’ rejuvenated colour

OGX Coconut Milk Serum – $18.96 from Coles
This stuff is like heaven for hair & will last you a life time

FACE d16073e5b0800d8871198a16d1db608c.jpg

Frank Body cleanser, scrub & moisturiser – $49.95 from
The whispers are true, this stuff is AMAZING!

Natio Clay & Plan Mask Purifier
– $15.95 from Myer

Because lazy Sundays are better when your hair’s in a bun, face mask is applied & an episode of GIRLS is on


Pawpaw Ointment – $3 from Kmart
Go to sleep with a layer of this on & wake up with soft, plump lips

Frank Body Lip Balm
– $7.95 from
Just as important as your phone & wallet, this baby is a handbag essential



Green Tea Body Scrub – $3 from Kmart
This is a new found treasure that has become my favourite.. For when you’re wanting a deep exfoliation that doesn’t smell like coffee

Redwin Vitamin E Moisturiser – $4.50 from Kmart
The real deal, the bees knees, the holy mary of all moisturisers