To: ME Love: ME

For those single – I don’t need no man- gals out there like myself get your wine, cheese boards and chocolate ready; gather your best gal pals and celebrate the best relationship and our true soul mates…our girlfriends.

Being single is NOT A BAD THING so use this day as a – treat yo self – day and to be around the people you love most so here are a few ideas of how to celebrate a single yet FABULOUS Valentines Day.

Candle Lit Garden Party –

Gather your girlfriends or family and set up a picnic rug, light some candles, order your favourite takeaway and lay under the stars drinking you favourite wine. To me there is no better way to spend a night…


Sex in the City Marathon –

Pull out the face masks, tacky pj’s, your favourite tub of Ben and Jerry’s and gather your gals to watch one of the best TV shows of all time until you fall asleep.




Online shopping spree –

Those jeans you’ve wanted for ages? That dress you just NEED in your life? Yep…just get them. Don’t think twice and don’t look back. Because you deserve it gurl.



Yes, Valentines Day is designed for those in relationships but a bit of self love and TLC never hurt no one. But for all those lovely ladies out there feeling down; pick yourself up and do one of the 3 above because really at the end of the day…no one but you can bring you happiness.



Kiara xx