Pesto Pumpkin? Yes Please

Being the only vegetarian that I know, it can be a little tricky knowing what to cook for dinner for you & your partner when it’s your turn in the kitchen..Typically only having a reputation of eating vegetables and all things unappetising to my partners eye, this dish has proven that being a vego isn’t so bad after all. For a quick and easy go-to dish, this one is a keeper!

If having only just a salad just won’t cut it OR if any sort of meat is just simply required on the dinner plate, then this salad makes for a perfect side dish also!

PESTO PUMPKIN SLICES – It is actually amazing how so little ingredients can create something so YUM!

1/4 Kent pumpkin – Cut into roughly 2.5cm slices (Cook more pumpkin to serve more than 2)
1 x red onion – Cut in half & then into wedges
Assortment of herbs – I typically use oregano & thyme
Handful of rocket
Goats cheese or feta to taste
Handful of pumpkin seeds
Handful of pine nuts
Pesto to taste

1. Set oven to 220 degrees fan forced
2. Line baking tray. Place pumpkin slices & top with onion. Drizzle with a little olive oil & sprinkle herbs to taste
3. Put into oven & cook until tender
4. Meanwhile lightly toast the pine nuts in pan over low heat
5. Transfer pumpkin slices & onion to serving plate
6. Top with pesto over all slices (to taste), then rocket, goats cheese, pine nuts & pumpkin seeds

To make the salad a little fuller, you can always add more roasted vegetables, chickpeas or haloumi to the dish if you desire! xx