For The Love Of Vinyls

The satisfaction of dropping the needle and letting your favourite vinyl read on will never die off. The smooth and warm sound lets off a connection that leaves you appreciating the artists music much more. Yeah, you’ve gotta flip it and finding a certain song isn’t so easy but it’ll leave any regular speaker for dead. Just sit back, pour yourself a glass of red and let that baby spin away!


Once the collection of vinyls has started, theres no turning back. The pleasure that this hobby brings you will continue to grow and grow, digging your way through 13 bins or websites, trying to find the next one to tick off the list. The older the better, the more the better.

For myself, I see a vinyl collection as personal piece of art, it’s an individual choice of genre and history and no one will see more beauty in that than the creator of the collection. It’s a customised hard copy of the music you adore and I find that pretty damn special.


Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 7.45.35 am.png