Survival Guide: Boxing day sales edition

Christmas has slipped through our fingers for yet another year and we’re rethinking serious life decisions of why we ate that extra plate of christmas lunch and too many glasses aka bottles of wine.

Except for some of us…those like myself are gearing up to brave the boxing day sales.

After almost 10 consecutive years of boxing day sales I have acquired a few tips, because lets admit it…it’s a survival-of-the-fittest kinda scenario.


Things you need to know ||

Set that alarm girl and get there early, doors normally open around 9am so I’d be there 8am sharp and whilst you waiting fuel up on a giant cup of coffee and a good breakfast.

Have a plan and list the stores you want to visit first and start there. I always make a list of things I’m looking for too so I don’t spend money on unnecessary things and have no dollars left for something I actually need.

If you can’t decide on something check how many sizes are left…if there’s only one I’d probs get it just in case but if there’s heaps then you have the time to think about it and come back.

The biggest tip I can give after all my years of experience is to actually think about how much of a discount you’re getting. This is a time (as my mum says) to scope and save; do a little bit of research into what stores sell what and see which one has the bigger discount.

Comfort is key; wear something that you can easily change in and out of because you won’t  wanna waste precious time doing up a tonne of buttons right?




However if you’re not mentally equipped to brave the crowds then you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your own bed and shop away online

Your one and only thing you need to know…most sales start at 12am so set that alarm gal so you don’t miss out.

You may need to use a few elbows to fight through the crowds…but not pain no gain right??


Kiara xx