What a time to be alive being gifted with the extraordinary band Gang Of Youths.

After a heartbreaking yet powerful experience for front man of the Sydney based band, a negative turned into a positive. The creation of the first GOY album Positions was made. It’s an unfathomable story told in the most beautiful of way.


From your ears to your eyes to your mind, the music and performance of GOY will overwhelm you with satisfaction. Letting your body run wild with a rollercoaster of emotions. The connection is uncontrollable and I f#cking love it.

For myself, the pure and raw honesty of this album is what makes it so incredibly easy to get lost in. Theres no f#cking around or holding back, it is what it is. GOY enlightens you to appreciate the little things in life and to do whatever the f#ck you want because life’s just to damn short.

Despite the painful storyline of hitting rock bottom, Positions is 58 minutes of ridiculously amazing music. The aggression, the roar and the intimacy leaves you hungry for more.

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Catch em’ while you can –

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