Two Words… Yacht Week

A few of my friends were about to embark on a trip of a lifetime. They had asked me to come along but I didn’t want to spring it on my work without enough notice and funds weren’t in my favour so I was a bit hesitant. However, FOMO got the better of me and I thought, hate to say it but YOLO, I’m coming! I had no idea that making that impulse decision would be, honestly, the best week of my life.

Where You’ll Go… Enough Said Really:
It’s the best way to explore 5 of the most picturesque islands on the Dalmatian Coast.

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What You See Is What You Get
Watching the Youtube clip for Croatia Yacht Week is what sealed the deal for us. We watched it over and over again and being a promo clip, you think that it’s all just glamourised but after experiencing it for yourself, it’s exactly what happens on your trip. Waking up on the yacht, out in the middle of no where, dolphins jumping along side you as you sail, breathtaking scenery, diving into crystal clear waters whenever you felt like it, exploring caves, cliff jumping, dancing and partying the nights away in the most scenic places, whilst taking in the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises each day… The clips you see do not mislead!


I was on a yacht of 10 people and half the people I didn’t know. Three years later and we are all still friends. That trip was something else and only they can understand how truly amazing it really was. Everyone is there for a great time, it’s the best atmosphere.



Party Time
What it’s really about, the parties! One party I will never forget was on a big old (legit) private style boat. It sails around parts of the island while you party away! There were so many people, it was packed! I don’t think I saw one person not dancing. It was like off a film clip or something, haha. The music was awesome and I don’t think I’ve ever danced so hard before in my life! There was also a foam party which was so much fun and on the last night of Yacht Week, all the yachts get roped together in a circle so you get to meet and party with everyone else in your fleet and check out their yachts. There are also a heap of bars along the water where you can just relax, sip back cocktails as the sun sets.



Why Not Go?
You sail around the most beautiful sights with a bunch of friends on luxurious yachts, having the best time while surrounded by 50 other yachts, full of people in the same mind frame as you.


If I could do all again, I would do it in a heart beat, no questions asked. I cannot recommend it enough, it’ll be the best Summer you’ll ever have. If you are looking for something different… something that will stay with you for the rest of your life, Yacht Week is where it’s at.

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