Slip Into Style


It’s no secret that a little can go a long way, and fashion is no exception. With the help of a good basic, your outfit options are almost endless. Just like your trusty white button up blouse/shirt that you know and love, a slip dress can be as equally useful in a time of fashion crisis.

The simplistic style of a slip dress has never not been fashionable, and in my opinion it will never not be. Wether you have the gifted fashion eye to transform the basic into a groundbreaking trend, or you’re just plain jane and like to keep it simple.. then this basic will forever be your best friend.

This styles effortless simplicity doesn’t need to be compensated in the price tag..which is why MISHKAH has exactly what you’re looking for, only for less.

GoodAsGold-dress-60-fornt4.jpg SoShy-dress-60-front2.jpg DanceWithSomebody-dress-60-front.jpg
Henry-dress-60-back.jpg OnTour-dress-60-front3.jpg SixInchHeels-dress-60-front5.jpg