Pack A Bag Baby, We’re Going To Splendour

Splendour beauty/survival guide: 

If you’ve attended Splendour In The Grass you’ll know that feeling of being cold and dirty and having no other option. Yeah there’s showers but let’s be honest, you’re never gonna feel clean. You’ve entered a whole new world for a few days, so come prepared!

Heres my day and night camping beauty/survival guide if you need some tips for your first time, I’ve got you covered;

I’m more of the kind to pass out before getting the chance to shower after a day full of drinking and dancing so I make sure I’ve packed myself a few essentials to clean myself up rather then waking up feeling like all I did was role around in the mud all day.
A life saver of mine is Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, It removes makeup up with so much ease and you don’t need to wash your face after! Pack some Baby Wipes to get rid of any mud on your body, Brush those dread locks out before you make them worse from sleeping and get yourself some well needed beauty sleep.


Tip: Get up early and get to those showers before you have no chance at all. Remember there’s around 27,000 people attending this festival, majority are gonna want a shower too. Once you get the chance, take FULL advantage of it.

A little tip to save yourself a few dollars is to buy yourself one of those Mini Refillable Bottle Packs, you can pick them up from Kmart for about $7. That way all you have to do is fill them up with whatever shampoo & conditioner you would usually use at home! Pack yourself some Dry Shampoo incase you don’t get the chance to wash your hair, I like the the Tony and Guy Day 2 freshness one. Pack your usual make up, but replace your normal mascara with Waterproof Mascara, you don’t want to be looking like a panda if it rains. Keep your skin hydrated from the cold by applying some Moisturiser, keep a Chap Stick on you and don’t forget to put Deodorant on!

Makeup isn’t a huge deal to me when it comes to festivals, it’s hard to feel pretty camping anyway, right? Don’t waste too much time on how you look, it won’t take long till it all comes off leading to not giving a shit what you look like. Plus, who cares! You’ve got incredible live music to watch and friends to run a muck with.
Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 9.38.40 am.pngEnjoy your Splendour Bender lovers! x