Gettin’ Crafty

Admit it we all love a lil bit of DIY; TV shows like The Block and House Rules are one of Mishkah HQ’s most talked about and favourite points of early morning chit chat. But why don’t we get crafty ourselves?

I personally put it down to laziness and the fear that once I start it will automatically become harder then I first thought…that was until I started doing my research.

I wanted something to display my hats on that wasn’t a boring hat stand, and something that could also double as a bit of wall art and that’s exactly what I bring to you today.

Follow these TWO easy steps and your beloved hats will become an artistic focal point in any room…


1 x wooden hoop (any size you like)

1 x hot glue gun

1 x rope/macrame cord (at your desired length)

1 x pack of wooden pegs

…and of course your hats!



What to do:

– First step, cut your rope/cord to the desire length and wrap one end around the wooden hoop and hold until it has set.

– Second step, peg your hats the the rope and nail to the wall…

…and that’s all!




Happy crafting babes!


Kiara xx