Be Scared, But Travel Anyway

Once upon a time, I wanted nothing more than to travel the world.. to travel a distance, live out of a suitcase  even for just a short while and just completely immerse myself in the unfamiliar world. Once upon a time, I didn’t feel scared to travel.

After such repetitious acts of terrorism, the unknown whereabouts of missing planes and overall distraught spread across the world from cruel intentions, it has been hard to replenish the excitement I once had to travel. Rather, I had been haunted by the unsettling feeling and concern of whether or not I am I going to be at the wrong place at the wrong time – just like all such innocent lives that have been taken so brutally and tragically in recent terror. Since then, I had been disheartened to travel.

It wasn’t until I realised that by not travelling, I was causing myself more harm than good.. it was then, when I decided to allow myself to be scared of the unknown but travel anyway.

Just like anything, you can’t let yourself be afraid of the unknown and let that dictate how you are going to spend your life.  And as unfortunate as it is that we live in a world where such brutality is so existent and surrounded by us, there is still an incredibly beautiful world out there that silences all hate, even for just a brief moment. Because after all, you don’t want to wake up one day with the regret that had you been given the chance to do it all again, you’d do something differently.

So here’s where I’ll go and the places I’ll see, because being a 20-something year old is supposed to be the best years of your life and not meant to be wasted with fear.