Beauty Tips For The Uneducated

Beauty regimes and must-have-products are on a never ending cycle of currently trending. From coconut oil quite possibly being the to cure cancer & aid world hunger (seriously though, what does it not fix?), to Rosehip anything and everything being the best discovery to man kind (and this one, I definitely do agree with).. it’s overwhelming and terrifying not knowing which hand cream to buy or what products to incorporate into your beauty regime, because 1) there’s just waaaay too many options 2) how much is too much to spend on an eye cream and 3) if your anything like me then you literally just have no F!@*ing idea what to do from here… Not to worry, it’s times like these when you can be thankful for those friends who have done the hard work for you and know exactly what you need in your life.


Aesop everything;
Initially you would think that spending $40 on a hand wash or $30 on a hand cream is quite excessive/unnecessary/batshitcrazy, and at first I would completely agree with you.. but if you’re not convinced by the aroma alone, once you realise your hands have actually never been so soft in your life, you’ll be sold.


Trilogy Rosehip Oil;
Let me just say, Oh My God.. my world has changed. I have been using Trilogy Rosehip Oil as a ‘moisturiser’ at night before bed, and not only has my skin cleared (leaving almost no imperfections) but it has made my face feel plumper & heavenly moisturised… Wow, did that sound like an infomercial or what? But in all seriousness, I would not recomend anything else.

Sukin eye serum;
Dark eyes, gone. Scaly and just overall tired looking eyes, gone. This stuff has proven to be the perfect and necessary part of my night beauty regime, its like magic in a bottle. Like all skin products, there’s probably a million more suitable alternatives.. however, for me personally this is the shit!


The Body Shop body wash;
You know that perfume that you only wear on special occasions, this body wash is kinda like that… it’s just too good to waste on a quick in-and-out shower.