We need to talk…


I’m sure we all go through a stage in life where things are stagnant; nothing particularly horrible is happening but that little sparkle of excitement in your eye isn’t shining as bright as it once was. Girl trust me I’ve been there. But it was at that moment where this little epiphany popped in my head and after all this time I threw my hands in the air and said you know what…fuck it.

So what if life is filled with a few bumpy rides; that just makes it exciting right? So in the midst of all my life re-evaluating I made a decision to follow a daily ritual comprising of 3 things.

Stop and take a breath|

Every morning as I enter the last 5 minutes of my commute to work I practice a breathing technique. Simply inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 3 seconds and exhale for as long as you can. This helps lower my heart rate |reducing anxiety| and helps me get in the right head space for the day. Yes, it may sound cliche but trust me it works.

Squash any negativity|

Whether it may be with your friends, work, family or a partner; make the choice to reject anything or anyone that have the potential to ruin your day. Because lets face it anyone who wants to darken you light is a…jerk. So replace those feelings with only positive thoughts and as the saying goes ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’.  

Calm the F down|

Don’t worry so much! I myself am a ‘worry wart’ and to finally come to the realisation that I can’t control everything has pretty much changed my whole outlook on life. So take a step back and just do whatever makes you happy. My mum always told me that if I carry myself with dignity and kindness that only good things will come my way…and lets face it mum’s are always right.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.27.28 am

People in your life will come and go and you’ll have those ‘well this sucks’ moments but everything happens for a reason; remember anything that has happened in the past has only led you to the person you are today. So just chill out babe, it will all work out.

Kiara xx