If you’re anything like me, than you’d never say no to something if it involved eating any kind of amazing food. Lucky for me, Brisbane is the home of MANY amazing chefs, food creators and all things scrumptious.

Now as many city siders may have realized once you find a good breakfast, coffee or lunch spot.. you find yourself revisiting on a very..very..very regular basis. Sometimes, to the point when you see your barista more often than you see your boyfriend.. and no one is judging! But if your new to the big smoke, or just wanting to taste more of Brisbane.. then listen up and take notes ladies, cause you’re about to get your mouth blown!

Seriously though, how can a salad taste that good? For whoever says you can’t make friends with salad, was eating at all the wrong places.. Because I promise you that you won’t be disappointed with ANYTHING they have on offer. The downside is that they don’t have restraunt seating (which I promise isn’t a deal breaker), so you unfortunately can’t scoff your face then go back for seconds.. but that just means that you CAN go home, slip into your PJ’s and inhale it there. Oh and did I mention that they have a sweet section too? Yep, to-die-for-over-and-over cupcakes and all things delicious and amazing. There’s many delicious reasons why this place is so popular!

We’re all SO used to seeing acai here there and everywhere, but so often they get it wrong over and over again.. How am I the Acai expert? Well all you need to do is try an Acai bowl from Smashing Berries, and you’ll see where I’m coming from. All I can say is that you’ll become even more Acai dependent after you pay them a visit! Ahhh, and if you’re not feeling Acai then the Banana smoothie will send you on the way to heaven, promise!

PLENTY – West End
Okay so, as you may have gathered I like my salads.. but, what’s not to love about the sound of roasted veggies, pistachio, pulled pork, horseradish lemon dressing anything.. They put the FANCY in salad that’s for sure. But all salad seriousness aside, I hear that the toast with macadamia butter, raw honey & banana is quite possibly the closest thing to a food-gasam that you’ll experience. And if that’s not a good enough excuse to visit then I don’t know what is.

TRANGS – West End
There’s one rule when it comes to eating Chinese or Vietnamese in Brisbane, if you notice that the restaurants tables aren’t packed to the brim with yelling, laughing, and some serious good atmosphere, then chances are that that isn’t going to be ‘beef’ that you ordered… only kidding! But seriously though, grab your closest girl friends, a bottle of wine (or 4), and call it a date! Be sure to make a reservation though as this place knows how to deliver some amazing food and guaranteed fun times!