Pack That Bag Girl…Travel Hacks You Need to know.

“If travelling was free, you’d never see me again”


Nothing beats that feeling of packing your suitcase; almost bursting with excitement because you’ve just booked a ticket to a place far far away and about to embark on an adventure that you have only dreamed of for so long.

When I did my first overseas trip I went in blind, without any research into the cultures I was about to experience, what to pack etc (rookie error right) all I knew was that it was going to be cold…very cold. But like most things in life, I learnt the hard way so I am here today to share my wisdom with my top travel hacks for those who are about to begin a journey of a lifetime.


You have to start somewhere right? Start with the daily essentials; things that you use everyday whether you are at home or away like chargers, cosmetics, medication, electronics etc. Then move onto more nitty gritty things like clothes, how many socks or knickers will you need (pack double because you just never know).


Make sure it’s in accordance to your travelling timeframe, there’s a big difference between a weeks trip to a 5 week trip. However whatever you do try to pack light, stick to the ‘3 shoe rule’ with a pair of runners, day time shoe and a pair of heels. Roll your clothes, use an old sunglass case to store chargers and earphones and pill containers make excellent storage for jewelry.


Download any travel apps you may need before you board that plane because you never know when you’ll get that sweet sweet signal of wifi again. Anything relating to accommodation, flights, transport and language/money conversions are extremely useful!


For me, this is where I made all my mistakes and packed all the wrong things. First start by packing a fresh pair of knickers, socks and set clothes. Include your skincare products because there is nothing better than having a fresh clean face during a 24 hour flight, even consider an eye mask so you can get some much needed shut eye.


Think of this more as a large, light weight piece of material that will save your life. It can be used as a blanket, scarf, hair tie you name it but you will be surprised at how many times it will come in handy.


Last but not least be open to new experiences! You’re about to embark on a life changing journey so amerce yourself in the culture, eat the weird food and talk to the locals. Those moments will be the memories you replay and smile about for the rest of your life.


This might just be my opinion, but everyone needs to travel at least once in their lifetime. In one way or another it changes you, some things you can only learn by throwing yourself in the deep end.

Much love, Kiara x