Believe it or not it’s November, and with December just around the corner it only means one thing; the festive season is slowly but surely creeping up on us!

As the party invites start rolling in we all go out and purchase a new killer outfit (you know it’s true ladies) but nothing completes your look then having hair and makeup to match. We all have different haircuts, varying in lengths from pixie cut to long and luscious but how the HELL do we style it without spending what seems like years in front of the mirror?

Rest asure ladies I have your back! Here are a few simple and quick hairstyles suitable for anyone and everyone.



Perfect for any occasion, simply tie up the top section of your hair into a top knot and use a curling wand to put a slight wave through the ends!




Perfect for those who have longer hair and don’t like to use heated styling tools! Simply flick one side of your hair over and spray with a little bit of sea salt spray to add a little bit of texture and your done.




I’ll admit it on a hot day the last thing I want is my tresses all in my face so this is my favourite in particular. All I do is dust some texturing powder all over my head, tease a small section at the crown of my head and pull all my hair back into a lowish ponytail. To make it a lil extra special, grab a small section of hair and wrap it around covering your hair tie. Again your  done.




I know that cutting your hair is a scary thought to any woman but we have to admit it, bangs have made their way back into style so if your thinking of making more of a drastic change then go for it…cut those bangs!



Whatever you choose be confident, have fun and rock that killer hairstyle!

Happy silly season lovers!

Kiara xx