No Return From Here

Yay for Friday! I’m always stoked on Fridays but this week even more so as I’m off to catch the 4.55pm flight outta here – I’ll be Melbourne bound baby! My little sissy has been living there for over a year now and decided recently to move home – Whooo! I’ve always wanted to travel around Australia and thought driving from Melb to Bris would be a great start. Stopping in Sydney, Byron and the Gold Coast to see family and friends on the way home. I’m super pumped!
Knowing what to pack to go anywhere can be a little frantic, especially if you only have carry on luggage. I now feel a little more unsure with what to bring because my sister sent a message saying “Pack light and wisely. My car is full so whatever you bring is sitting on your lap.” Are you serious? Ugh.
So with that, I’m packing denim and basics – you can’t go wrong with that right? I think it’s a safe option and you’re able to mix and match it up easily. I’m also, bringing along my boots and sandals to have a dressier and casual option. Of course, a jacket/coat for the chilly nights and remember – wear the heavier items on the plane! You want to be comfortable for the majority of your road trip – I’m about to endure a looong drive so I’ve kept that in mind with packing my bag.  Pictured below are a few of my items I’ll be taking with me. Just click on the images below to SHOP THE LOOK.
I’m not the best flyer – my stomach is already full of nervousness and excitement (or could just be my coffee), so I’ll be a couple of glasses of vino deep before catching my flight.
See you again soon Brisbane! #catchya

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