Have Your Cake And F*kn Eat It Too!

So here we are, once again; Winter has come to a close and the fresh beginnings of Spring has just began. The air feels lighter, plants blossom, and after hibernating we all feel this sudden urge to kick our depressing lives back into gear. Be hot, confident & happy right? Smile, listen to music & have good company right? Right! Quotes are around for good reason so as cliche as it is – You Only Live Once (BUT remember one very necessary rule, everything in moderation).

For the meanwhile, traces of anticipation for weekends spent under the soothing sun still dwindle. If the sun is out to play, we forcefully spend our whole day under it, even if it means that we’ll be lobsters the day after because… well… let’s be honest, we’ve waited 4 fucking months for that bliss and we’ll be damned if we’re not going to enjoy every waking minute of it! Anyways, I’ve listed a few aspects we enjoy during our absolute FAVOURITE time of the year:

Oh the weather, our dearest most loved friend. You’re like that super babe’n crush everyone wants to be with but you only get to see once a year while your on holidays with the family; counting down the WHOLE year until you finally get to be in your presence once more.
You’re perfect, never change baby ❤ ❤

You can literally wear anything, LITERALLY! Your wardrobe isn’t restricted to one half or the other, you have a whole damn buffet girl. So take your cake and fucking eat it too.

As I said earlier, strip off those layers, take a good long look at your reflection and get yourself into shape (inside & out). De-clutter the house, your mind & your life. This is a perfect time to reflect on your current status and what you want for your future. If you’re in that much of a slum, start with the outside like healthy eating & exercise and trust me, you’ll be feeling better before you know it!

Some of you might giggle and think, oh lame – NEXT. But gardening is so incredibly soothing (or maybe that’s just me, but i’m going to mention it anyways). Even creating a little herb garden, it’s so rewarding seeing your work pay off with cute little plants slowly squirming through the dirt. Just makes you want to kiss them!

Adventure, adventure, adventure – need I say more? Even if it’s a trip you start planning now for summer, everyone should do at least one big adventure a year. You don’t realise how much of a release you get until you do it so jump in Mishkah babes, let’s get wild & go for a ride…

Mika Campbell

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