The Decay of Layers.

It’s getting warmer and we all know it. Although there is still frost and our beds are still stacked with blankets. Who could shake that powerful feeling of nostalgia; skin exposed & laying in comfort as you embrace the stillness of the sun. But as the days get closer and our sudden want to be slim, toned and ready to flaunt that bikini bod gets stronger – we all start to freak out a little! The cold winter days have taken it’s toll on your habits and your body. There may be an extra roll or some excess skin that definitely wasn’t there before, so why not start working out now! Nowadays there are heaps of classes you can join or even gyms and if that doesn’t tickle your fancy there are a plethora of cheap phone apps to guide you through. If thats still doesn’t do it for you, you can always do at home exercises. Nothing beats a long run around the area for your the good of cardio and to gain that lean look we all crave, it really works – seriously.

Mika Campbell