I Heart Tumblr

I think it’s fair to say that I’m addicted to tumblr, but really, who isn’t? I use it a lot for work and now it’s making it’s way into my ‘me’ time at home. There’s a lot of reasons why I’m a little obsessive with tumblr and here they are:

  1. Compared to Facebook and Instagram, I feel like you can post or write whatever the hell you want – let it all out baby! Although I have a my own personal limits as to what I post of me, I have seen some pretty intense stuff. Speak your mind! #loveit #freethenipple
  2. It’s an endless supply of inspirational photos and quotes from all over the world. Great for photoshoot inspo especially! You can share and interact with others on another level. “It’s a specific community that exists there. It’s a free, accepting environment where people can express themselves, their natural urges that are deemed immoral by society.  It’s not mainstream enough for mainstream judgment to exist there.” – Clayburn Giffin
  3. It’s so easy to use! Create your page exactly how you want it to look and make people feel. Yes – music!
  4. Tumblr is not only fun but informative too. Loads of stores and fashion labels have jumped on board and have used it as another way to engage their audience.
  5. You’re able to find users who are obsessed about the same things as you or of similar mind set. For example, here at Mishkah, we live and breathe fashion, so naturally we follow fashion/bloggers tumblogs. If you’re completely100% into your music, a band or particular celeb, follow fan tumblogs etc.
  6. It’s an expressive way to create a visual moodboard with how you’re feeling.

In conclusion, I say sign up if you’ve been contemplating it. It’s great for laughs and only inspire! I know you won’t regret it. For those who have already joined the party on tumblr, follow us for more everything: http://mishkahfashion.tumblr.com

See ya there babe! xx

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