You Make Your Own Luck

The weekend of Splendour was fast approaching. With only a week to go, I’d usually have my ticket, camping and car pass sorted, but I had nothing organised. I had accepted the fact (well kind of) that I missed tickets (three times) and to just take it as a sign that I wasn’t suppose to go. Ugh.

Then, my luck had started to change. My friend and I had been offered a volunteering position in exchange for a free ticket, camping and car pass – um YES! I didn’t think twice. We were accepted and officially going to Splendour! We had two days to organise outfits, camping and to prepare ourselves for the rainy weather. We didn’t care, as long as we were going to Splendour, we were happy. However, that Thursday morning at 5.30am when I went to leave and couldn’t find my car keys for literally over an hour (story of my life), something told me that we were about to embark on a roller coaster of a weekend… or maybe it was the family of cockroaches we found living in our blow up mattress that left us screaming and running mad in a hotel’s car park?

We finally arrived and after two hours of driving back and fourth around the camp grounds aimlessly because no-one actually knew where we were suppose to go. We decided to park up in this random area which actually turned out to be a perfect location. We picked our site to set up camp and just as we were setting up, the weather decided to bucket down rain… just our luck!
We then met with our supervisors and everything was fine until we actually started our shift. We were yelled at and made to feel useless. Yes we’re volunteering but doesn’t give them the right to treat us like shit! We stood in the rain, selling these programs that no-one wanted for hours. No-one giving you their time of day. I just thought to myself ‘I’m sober at the best festival in Australia while everyone around me is having the best time of their lives. I’m being made fun of while selling these programs in the rain, to only go back to our supervisors and be yelled at. I’m selling my soul.’ We were teasing ourselves! After being grilled by these guys, we were sure that it wasn’t worth it.
My friend and I sat in the festival weighing up our options and if we were overacting. When we got back to camp, six other people had packed up and left because the way they were treated. There was no way we were going to do a longer shift the next day so we decided to head back to the Goldy.

We spent Friday night there and on Saturday morning I messaged my friend. ‘Let’s go down again and try our luck getting in. Am I crazy?’
We had friends send through a photo of their wristbands and we got to work. After finishing what we thought was a job well done, we were on our way – round two!

Making our way towards the gate, we split up. I could feel my heart beating through my chest but I stayed calm. Slipping my sleeve up just enough for security to see, I walked straight through. Holy shit – it WORKED! I turn around and there was friend merrily on her way towards me. Feeling over the moon, without celebrating too early, we walked further in and took a photo when suddenly, a hand on our shoulders, we hear… “Show me your wristbands?” My heart sunk as I saw the security guard. I immediately turned around and started walking back to the entrance in defeat. “Where did you get these from? Give them to me now.” We answer him and just as we were outside, he asks us “how much?” I finally catch on when he asks again. “How much are you selling them for?” He says $100 each for today and tomorrow and without hesitation, we accepted.

We eventually lost each other with dead phones but accidentally made it front row of Florence And The Machine! I called my boyfriend off a someone’s phone and asked him to cancel my card as I had lost all my things, (which I later realised I had it all). So I had a useless keycard and I later learned that my friend had lost whole wallet and phone. So we woke up with no access to money and to make matters worse, the lost property was the people who made us sell programs!

From feeling so shit, to high then to low, then back up on a high again, we were at Splendour In The Grass! We may have had the best and worst luck on our side but all things aside – it was a bloody top weekend!