Style Up Your Splendour

It’s that time of year again where we lose ourselves into the world of Splendour. This year I won’t be attending (ugh, that was so hard to type) and I thought i’d be ok with it but as time crawls closer… KILL ME!
There’s a million things to love about Splendour and one of them for me is the fashion and style you see wondering around the grounds. So to avoid the fashion police, here are some top tips to style up your Splendour bender.

Stay Snug As A Bug
It’s freaking COLD at Splendour. So we advise to have a killer coat to get you through the chilly late nights. Ponchos, furs, denims, vests, jumpers and capes. Layer it on gurrrrl!
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Accessorise Yo’ Self
Every outfit is complete with some accessories. We suggest ring bling, hatsbags, belts and frames (of course) are a MUST for Splendour.
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Denim & Black
Let’s be honest, it’s a combo that can’t be beat and we’ve got you covered. Click below…
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The Statement Dress
It’s a given that every Splendour, a cute statement dress or playsuit must be packed in the bag. So here are our picks for the festival.
adfgfdfgsdfgadfgdsgdfghdfgAnd to help you guys out that little bit more (and because we love you) we thought’d we’d throw a little somethin’ somethin’ your way.  A HUGE $300 voucher to get your Splendour pack rollin’. Check out our Insty for deets.
Now, for those going to Splendour, I’m very envious of you annnnd I hope you have the BEST time. For those who aren’t going, I feel your pain. We can cry and be depressed together.

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