Away From Here.

As I am going away to visit Melbourne for the first time EVER this month, I thought I would do a post about travel, what I’ll be doing in Melbourne and how important it can be to completely get away sometimes. Im not just talking about a few days off to lay around and watch Netflix – as tempting as that may be; I’m talking about packing some necessities and getting the fuck away from your everyday life.

I’ve been wanting to go to Melbourne for as long as I can remember. When I tell people that no I’ve never been – everyone always says OMG you would absolutely love it, you have to go! So I’m just hoping that I haven’t got a high expectation for the experience and don’t end up bumming myself out. 3 friends and I have booked a penthouse through Airbnb, it’s pretty amazing and we’re lucky as we got in on special. Anyways, while we’re down there for 4 days we’ve got some things planned. Firstly, we’re seeing Earl Sweatshirt and Shlohmo so that’s fucking exciting. Secondly, we’re hoping to find really good op shops to sell our souls to, and thirdly to probably almost freeze to death because it will be the middle of winter! I can’t really write much about what it’s like there but from what I’ve heard and what lures me in the most is that – it’s a cultural hub, full of surprising side alleys filled with adventure, cafes, bars and great shops. To be honest I’m just glad I’ll finally be able to get away, have a good time and return to feeling fresh (hopefully). I’ll try to take as many photos as possible and maybe even squeeze in some quick lettering designs to post on @mika_campbell, woo!


Mika Campbell