Detox Your Wardrobe: 5 Simple Steps

I have reached that point of frustratingly not knowing where anything is in my wardrobe. There is just stuff cluttered all over the place. Yes, I’m talking about how we hoard our wardrobes. I know I for one, tend to hang onto items I haven’t worn for the last few months or possibly, years. Whether it’s the label, how pretty it looks, the whole ‘I might wear it again’, or the sentimental side of it; we must learn to say au revoir! (Easier said than done, I know). So here are 5 simple steps I do to detox my wardrobe and declutter my life.

  1. Start With The Basics
    Start by pulling everything out – strip it bare. Then pick out your most FAVE pieces. Items you wear religiously, things you just can’t live with out. This will give your simplified wardrobe a basis to build on.
  2. Colour Code
    This might be the OCD in me but I find colour coding your wardrobe helps. Especially on those rushed mornings. For example, if you wanna wear black, go straight to the black section of your wardrobe. It’s less time getting dressed and less drama.
  3. Make Piles
    With the rest of the items you’re just unsure on, create different piles. For example, stuff to donate, things to keep (items you’ve worn in the past three months), items to sell. Then hang up the pile of items you’ve worn in the past 3 months with your fave items. Obviously this will be different for seasonal things like coats and jackets – pop these items (your go-to items) for the seasons into a box for storage. Only focus on the current seasons. It’s totally up to you with how you want to categorising your piles.
  4. Deal With It
    Take action with these piles as soon as possible. The longer you leave them hanging around, the more time you have to re-think about it all. Out of sight, out of mind.
  5. Handy Tip
    A hand little tip I came across was to turn all your hangers the one way and every time you pull out an item to wear, face the hanger in the opposite direction when you hang it back up. Do this every 6 months and you’ll see what items you have and haven’t worn in that period of time. It will help to show you want you need to filter out to declutter!

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