Creative Muse: The Grey Attic

“The Grey Attic is a purposeful edit of creative content, opinions and ideas conceptualised under the direction of us. [ Dean Bell and Annika Hein ]”

The only fear I have of featuring these two visionaries, is not encompassing adequate phasing or vocabulary to reflect how they manage to do everything they do,  nothing less than perfect. Seriously, from styling to creative direction, to writing, to marketing, to content strategies, they have all your bases covered! My eye has been on them from the beginning, and I don’t think they have been able to not out do themselves whenever they release something new. Although they have only been around for a little while in what seems like it will be a lifetime journey, they have already established a powerful identity and feel for The Grey Attic, encapsulating their audience through every possible means in a state of awe. Other than their credible Instagram of what seems like effortless perfection filled with products, fashion, travel and occasional appreciation of the nude female body; The Grey Attic have a magnetic way with words which makes me and anyone I know who reads their articles want to delve deeper and deeper after every sentence of articulate bliss. If you’re going to follow any creative journey, they would definitely be in my top 10, and for sure one to look out for as they continue to grow so rapidly. 

Mika Campbell

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