I’m going to have to see your ID…

Is age just a number? I still consider myself as a young gun but two weeks in from celebrating my 26th birthday, the realisation that I’m now in my late twenties (the closer side to thirty) is settling in. Being lucky enough to look younger than I am (thanks to my Filipino mother), my younger self never took it as a compliment, especially when I was seventeen. Most of my closest friends were a few months older than me so they were all able to go out clubbing before me. I hated staying home knowing they were all out partying the night away. I tried using my cousin’s ID who was twenty-one at the time turning twenty-two. I had trouble looking my age let alone at least three years older and yes, I eventually was caught the third time using it.

Before I was eighteen, we were all craving to be older than what we were and now at twenty-six, it’s oh what I’d do to be twenty-one again! The weekends are no longer spent going to 21st birthdays but going to 30ths. When I think about it, I’m baffled at how I use to be able to back it up every weekend and go out every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night (maybe even cheap Tuesdays if the cash flow allowed me to). These days, going out two nights on the weekend, or even the one, will throw me out for the next four days. Yes, it is true. You just can’t hack it how you use to as the years roll on.

The year of twenty-first’s was a good year. Not only because it felt like a reunion every time you went to one but because I felt like I was at that age where I was old enough to be taken seriously. Not a fresh young naive teen but an adult.
Moments before turning twenty three, my friend who shares the same birthday as me, sent me a message saying “Ten minutes until we’re those twenty-three year olds that we once looked at in the clubs as eighteen year olds thinking, oh my God that person is five years older than us! We’re getting old…”

These days, people can say that age is just a number and that you’re only as old as you think you and yes I do agree but you learn a lot as you age. Age gaps between you and your friends or partner – don’t matter, if you click, you click! I’ve also learnt that it’s not all about going out on the weekends. You tend to appreciate the nights spent watching movies, dinner dates, a bbq with friends or in bed reading a book. The mornings where waking up feeling fresh has never felt so good. You look forward to going on early morning walks, yoga classes and just being productive and getting shit done (like cleaning the house).

I’ve also finally started to get myself into daily beauty routine of face scrub and moisturisers which my past self would never be into. You tend to want to look as young as you can for as long as you can (but not as mutton dressed up as lamb of course) because you’re not growing any younger. You just learn to look after yourself and find that perfect balance.

Growing older is a beautiful journey and an interesting one at that so enjoy it while it lasts. It’s not only our age that grows but our minds and experiences too. I look forward to see what else I’ll come across as time ticks by.

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