Stop And Smell The Roses

It’s one of my pet hates. It’s addictive and has become an annoying habit that majority of people are unconscious of; I’m talking about the way society is glued to their smart phones.

I was living in a share house, talking to my house mates who were ‘watching’ TV with me. I had asked several questions about the program that was on and no-one had responded. I just looked at them all, heads down, phone glued in hand – oblivious to the fact I had even been talking to them and that is no exaggeration.

Not only this, my boyfriend was beginning to get pretty bad with his phone and started to not take in anything I was saying. Whether it was a serious conversation or not, in the car, at dinner or just chilling at home; it was going in one ear and out the other, to a point where I was talking to myself. But what had made me realise how ridiculous it was getting was the night I had friends over for a BBQ. My mate was cooking on the BBQ when it had dangerously caught a light with thick layers of smoke quickly covering the patio’s roof and flames going up the wall. I ran over and screamed out “Quick, someone help!” Only to turn and see majority of people just standing there filming it unfold on their phones.

At that point, it started to really grind my gears. What was the point of going out for breakfast, a coffee, lunch or dinner with friends if they weren’t engaged in my company. Was I that boring that they had to resort to their phone? It’s amazing how we’re so obsessed with wanting to know what everyone else is up to; that we don’t care about the people we’re actually with in person.

From then till now, my boyfriend and I either leave our phones in the car, my bag or at home if we’re heading out to breakfast or dinner. It’s interesting too because you do see other tables with no conversation being had as they’re too involved in their phones. Next time you’re out and about, take a look around and see how many people are on their phones instead of talking to the person opposite them, it’s actually quite sad.

I know I’m guilty of checking my phone first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up. It’s probably the only time I have my full dose of social media and then here and there throughout the day but not when I’m having one-on-one time with someone or out with friends. I just think it’s rude and something we all need to be conscious of. When I really think about it, I wonder how much time I’ve wasted scrolling through my Facebook feed. My job involves a lot of social media work so I understand if you’re in a similar situation and have to be on it… but just don’t let it consume you!

My advice to those who would pop themselves in the ‘obsessed’ category is to every now and then, leave the phone behind when you’re out at dinner or on your morning walk. Start taking in the experiences, the scenery and moments with friends (and loved ones) instead of through the lens on your phone.

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