Introducing; Mishkah Mixtape

To us, music releases sweet dopamine in our bodies, and that makes us happy. So with that, we have decided to create our own ‘Mishkah Mixtape’ Spotify playlist for us to share our sounds of joy to you all. It’s enlightening to think about how much organised sound can bring together a crowd of people from different backgrounds and social cliques. We hope that you can listen to it with your friends, or at home chilling, doing what you do.

The mixtape will be a mixture of tastes from all of us at Mishkah HQ, so you’re bound to come across something you’ll love… hopefully. And as we all love to continuously find bangers and music that isn’t saturated on commercial radio, we’ll be keeping the mixtape updated so you never get bored! If you have any feedback to give on the playlist, or even have a few suggestions on songs we should add, feel free to shoot us an email at

Happy listening lovers! 

Copy & paste into Spotify:

Mika Campbell