Take Rest

The rejuvenation that comes with a good nights sleep is something to not take for granted, ever and rather it be appreciated and always welcomed.

Being the sleep advocate that I am, it’s an infatuation between tired eyes and those very cherished times where it takes next-to-no effort to fall asleep, which has me caught in an endless love affair. The extent of which sleep can nourish us and heal almost anything is what I’d consider to be an astounding fascination in itself. But of course, something so beautiful always has its weakness.

As a result of an exhausting day, you would naturally assume that you are immediately rewarded with a good nights sleep. However, as I’m sure just like myself you too have felt robbed and cheated when you have instead received only 8 long and painful hours of tossing and turning. Oh and then to only wake up from the luxurious 20 minute sleep you somehow managed to steal just before your alarm went off. This is something that I would never wish upon my worst enemy, waking up with the dregs of yesterday’s leftovers. It’s at this moment when not even the strength of 3 long blacks can get you through the day and you are unsure if you will ever dream again.

Natural exhaustion is where I find my good nights sleep. Stress is what keeps me up at night. The combination of the two is what I’d consider to be an out of body experience (not the good kind) where physically you have completed what is required of you and you are done…over and out. But your mind has other intentions.

Because there aren’t many things that come even remotely close as excruciating as waking up too tired to function, I take my sleeping seriously. In hope that only good things are to come from getting into bed, there’s just a few remedies that I’ve found to fight off that lingering insomnia demon.

I was once let in on a little life secret (which changed the sleeping game completely); “Because you are only ever on your feet or in your bed it is important to invest in a good pair of shoes and mattress.” That was enough justification for me to invest in my sleeping.

For the times that I wish for tired company, I can depend to find comfort in the pages written by Nicholas Evans. There’s something that comes with reading at night that relaxes me to the point of complete serenity. I think it has something to do with my mind being captivated in thought of something that isn’t work related. I believe that reading is the distraction that every busy mind needs of a night.

On a winter Friday night the likelihood of finding me in bed with a cup of green tea is about as good as any other night of any other season. Reason being, I just purely enjoy the warm contentment that comes with every sip.

This being my remedy of choice, there isn’t a greater feeling than falling asleep with your significant other inches away. There is a sense of ‘at home’ that comes with not only falling asleep but also waking up to your favourite company.

If you are lucky enough to have all of these as apart of your evening routine, I’d be surprised if you ever have another bad nights sleep again.

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