Never Assume Anything.

There’s always those few life lessons that we come across in our lives. Sometimes we learn the easy way and sometimes the hard; one lesson I’ve learnt is to never assume anything. Those who know me will understand a little too well when I say I can be quite forgetful. What started out as a very embarrassing moment has now become quite a funny memory.

My sister and I’s friend was getting married to the love of her life. We couldn’t make the engagement party which was a shame but we could not have been happier for the two love birds. My friend had later scribbled throughout my diary the lead up to the big day, decorated with love hearts – the big cutie!

I was living on the Sunshine Coast at the time but was in Brisbane spending the weekend with my boyfriend. Saturday morning I received a message from my sister, “Hey, what time is this wedding? Do you know where the invite is?” It was that message that planted the seed of ‘oh shit, maybe we are invited and I’ve lost the invite.’ I called my sister who had especially taken the day off work and who had purchased an Alice McCall dress for the wedding – and we all know they don’t come cheap.

After conversing back and forth getting our other friend to send us a photo of the invite (which to our luck, she had a cracked camera screen so we couldn’t really make out the picture anyway), the assumption of ‘surely we’d be invited to the wedding’ was made.

Franticness kicked in as the wedding was at least a half hour drive from the Coast and I was still in Bris! I quickly left whilst planning my outfit in my head so I could be ready to roll when I got home. Meanwhile, I had my sister calling me every ten minutes with, ‘where the f@#k are you? HURRY UP!’ I finally got home and with not even my dress on, my sister pulled up into the driveway tooting the horn. I ignored it for a few seconds and then I heard, “hurry up Anna or I’m leaving without you!” Sisters. Aren’t they great? I ran outside, heels in one hand, make-up bag in the other with both arms holding my unzipped dress up over my chest. I jumped in the car. Heels on, make-up done, dress zipped-up and wedding card signed. We were finally ready to attend the wedding.

We were halfway into our forty minute trip when the maid of honour had replied back to my sister… “Oh sorry girls, you’re not invited to the wedding but you’re more than welcome to come to the ceremony. You just won’t be able to come to the reception after.” Silence filled the car as I finished reading the message. We just looked at each other and burst into laughter. We couldn’t believe it and now we looked like the biggest idiots! We decided that it was just way too weird to just rock up to the ceremony uninvited and then not go to the reception afterwards. So what do you do when you’re literally all dressed up and nowhere to go? Turn around and go get stupid at a bar.

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So tell us, what are some life lessons you’ve learnt?