Festival Season Has Hit.

It’s the excitement that rushes over you when your favourite artists take to the stage. The memories you make with your favourite buddies and the assortment of people you meet along the way. Your shoes will get trashed, you’ll spend hours in lines and spend way too much money; but it’s all worth it because nothing beats the festival season. However, there is one question that surfaces – what the hell should I wear? Hat it, boot it or over do it with accessories! It’s the only time where stepping out of the square more than usual is acceptable. Oh and don’t forget your frames.FFboots JCA8609 splendour8 tumblr_na7efnEWaK1qhsmllo1_1280 splendour12 falls1-25-of-67 splendour11 tumblr_n9jqrbrBM91tdlzlbo1_500 falls2-91-of-150 splendour6 tie dyecoachella-fashion-21FFhat

Here are my top three picks from Mishkah that should get you going for the festival season:

LEANA shorts $55

I’ll be kicking off my festival season with St Jerome’s Laneway festival. See you there!

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