Creatures Of The Night

During festival season, we always find ourselves sitting on the edge of despair as we wait for each line up to finally be released out into the wild. And we, the animals, go crazy scrounging up every last dollar we have left in our pockets & fight to the death; just to get tickets to see the acts we’ve been waiting to see. One line-up that I am ALWAYS hanging out for is the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

After having been to almost all of them since I first turned 18, it’s been a pleasure to watch this festival grow in not only the attendees, but also in the bands they pull & the success of the bands after they play. To a point where a year later I see them plastered on festival line ups like Splendour, Future, Falls & even international stages. In amongst all the hustle & bustle of the festival, they hold a little area for market stalls, where you can buy anything from vintage clothes to hand made candles. The only bad thing is having to carry what you bought around with you into mosh pits & wherever the days antics lead you. Lastly, we can’t forget the little to no probability of seeing shirtless muscle junkies & once the festival is over, you’ll feel a better person for it!

This year, Laneway has pulled what I would say a pretty perfect lineup, to a point where I can already tell that I will have to make a lot of unfortunate sacrifices to see some bands over others. If you haven’t already seen the lineup, here the baby is. And if you don’t know any of the bands, I suggest you get educated! I’m kidding, but srsly it’ll be worth it!

Hope to see you all there getting down with the Mishkah girls! Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 8.17.57 am

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