With A Dash Of Green

In the heart of Miami on the Gold Coast, is the cutest little nursery you ever did see. What came about over a cup of coffee between two friends, Lauren and Lauren, The Borrowed Nursery is a place where people can either hire or purchase unique and stylish plants. For any occasion, special event, function or perhaps just for your own personal space, The Borrowed Nursery will have you covered with the perfect plant. Coming into the new year, I wanted to add a little life to my work and personal spaces and what better way to do so than with some greenery! Not only do plants clean the air you breathe but they also create a feeling of calm and peacefulness. I popped into The Borrowed Nursery over the weekend and was truly overwhelmed by how many unique and stylish plants were available. Some I had never even seen before – I could have (and should have) bought them all! IMG_5652

IMG_5588 copy



IMG_5651Add a gorgeous large pot with coloured markings to your space from Pop And Scott. These beautiful great big pots are exclusive to The Borrowed Nursery, being the only stockists in Queensland. They’re great to throw a little colour in your space to make a room pop! IMG_5589They also stock the handy Uashmama paper bags that come in an array of colours. They give an alternative spin on your plants and not to mention – they’re super stylish. They’re washable too – how cool is that?! IMG_5593There was no way I was leaving empty handed. I added these two beauties to my already existing balcony garden – a spiky succulent and an African Milk Tree. I’ve always thought that plants make a wonderful gift. So if you’re stuck for any gift ideas – pop into The Borrowed Nursery. You won’t be disappointed and they gift wrap too – what a plus! IMG_2973


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