Welcome To Our World

I guess you could call us dreamers, an assortment of souls. We can never be sure that we are making the right choices, the pressure to get it right and the fragility of what we have created scares the living hell out of us. It’s the uncertainty of what is going to become of it all, which frightens us most…but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’d like to introduce to you the Mishkah girl. For those who don’t know her, she’s a life lover and a wine drinker. She’s wild and light hearted all at the same time, she’s magical and effortless. Johnny Cash is the soundtrack to her Sunday night as she reads her favourite book for the 23rd time, but still feels like the first. She’s her own best friend and her dreams are oh so wonderful. You can rarely find her outside of the world of her own. She doesn’t have a self proclaimed idea of where she would like to go from here, but she can promise that it isn’t going to be boring. With the possibility that anything can happen in mind, she rarely passes any opportunity to experience new things, to breathe new air.

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“She’s never coming back from the love she’s found”


We are a collection of characters that each has invested a little something of our own that has ultimately created  the ‘Mishkah girl’. Here you will get to know the girls from behind the scenes of Mishakh, where we will share what we love.

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