Because Of Bali

It wasn’t so much of where I was going that captivated me, it was why. It was the comforting thought of change, which had stolen my heart. I had always longed for an escape, so I took advantage of having recently being heartbroken to be the perfect opportunity to book a ticket out of here.

If you had of asked me what I thought would become of my week spent in a third world country.. I would have promised you that I needed an escape from reality momentarily, where my days would be spent doing nothing strenuous by any means and the only serious decision I had to make is what cocktail to try next.

It was when I was caught off guard with the soothing soul of Bali when my appreciation andperspective of life changed. Somewhere between breathing in the dense Indonesian air for the first time and watching the poverty prevail from my taxi window was when something shifted in me and I had become grateful for the life I had waiting for me back at home. I hadn’t taken seeing families sheltered by offcuts of roofing and calling it ‘home’ as a vision of misfortune, but a sight of pure appreciation and acceptance of an unmaterialistic life. Seeing various families having so little but being so kind hearted and appreciative of the gift of life itself made me silently vow to never be anything less than grateful of the overlooked finer details in life.

From walking on the bottom of the ocean (aquanaughting I would consider to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life) in Lambogeon island, being attacked and robbed by monkeys in Ubud, falling in love with the Seminyak sunsets and possibly everything about Uluwatu, there is not a moment amongst those 7 days where I didn’t find myself completely breathtaken by the beauty of Bali.

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