Mishkah Muse X Yani Cormick

The first thing you notice are her eyes. She allows herself to be open to the delight of life and all the magnificent feelings that comes with it. With the company from one of her favourite authors, the world doesnt seem so cruel after all. She learnt love from the characters in the books she has read and cherishes the softened afternoon sun. She appreciates a passing strangers kind smile and takes notice to all of the finer details in life. I guess you could say her reality is her escape.

Have knowing Yani for a while now, she does nothing other than compliment this life and lighten the untouched shadows with her kind heart. You see, that’s the wonderful thing about her..in her presence, she makes you feel at home.

I guess you could call her an old soul. Being a hopeless romantic of the 1950’s she’s inspired by the soft touch of Audrey Hepburn and Bridget Bardot, her infatuated heart for simplicity and elegance combines to become a vision of style and envy.

With the salt in her hair she lets Michael Hutchence serenade her in the evenings. She finds any reason to indulge in spare time with the people she loves most, whether it be over a vanilla latte or a drinking coconut.

With a thirsty heart to travel and being completely captivated by the historical romance of Greece, she tells me that she has longed to visit the pristine islands of white and blue.

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